Secure Parking's involvement in car parking began 40 years ago and since that time we have identified an opportunity to develop a fresh and more relevant approach to car parking that benefits all types of parking customers.

Since its inception, Secure Parking has primarily viewed itself as a sales and marketing company whose product was parking.This paradigm shifting vision is the backbone of our business model and is a striking point of difference in the marketplace. Understanding that sales and marketing was a powerful tool for success, we identified an opportunity to develop a fresh and more relevant approach to an industry that has traditionally been slow to adapt. By viewing a car park as a retail environment, and then maximizing each site’s potential by creating an individualized solution for its operation and marketing, we have had incredible successes.

Secure Parking USA is the American arm of one of the largest, most innovative and most multi-national car park operators in the world. Though we have only recently entered into the American market, with our national headquarters in the city of Milwaukee, we bring with us the support, the expertise and the mission of a company that currently operates approximately 1 million car spaces, in over 1, 250 car parks, which are located in 13 different countries around the world

We strive to continually provide the highest levels of customer service at every location, ensuring every experience you have with Secure Parking is a great one. Achieving this has been one of the key factors in making Secure Parking the largest car park operators in the world. 
Designed specifically to suit each customer’s unique parking habits, Secure Parking's suite of parking products include Secure-a-Spot pre-booked online parking, Monthly Parking, Early Bird Parking, Club Secure and Advantage Parker, .

Our promise is simple. With Secure Parking, you'll have "No Parking Worries".

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