For some, the time has come to return to work after a long 3 months of staying home with the family and wearing a mask-wearing. We’re sure, you’ve had enough of it, but we want you to continue to feel safe as you make your return to the office.

Arrive to the office in the comfort of your own car! No more touching public pay machines.

Don’t let the thought of public transportation get the best of you. We understand your stress, so Secure would like to offer you welcome back to the office gifts with low parking rates and discounts.


Your first and second month will be half the price of the standard rate.  That’s a whole month of savings!

* Discount begins and is applied on the first full month of parking

*A minimum of 4 months is required to receive the deal
* Valid on new monthly accounts only

*Cannot be combined with other credits or promotions
* Cancellation before the full 4 months are over will result in an additional $151.55 charge to your last invoice
* Valid on ‘unreserved space’ With promo code 2FOR1
* Promo code must be entered to receive the discount 
*Offer expires June 30th, 2020


Don’t forget we all have to do what we can to keep each other safe, so please follow all the Government guidelines on returning to work. 

Milwaukee – *Click here to find one of the listed locations

Grainger Lot – NEW! Rates as low as $70!

2nd & Michigan Lot

Freeway Lot

875 Garage

Gas Light Garage

HQ501 Garage – Rates as low as $50!

412 E Clybourn Lot

Depot Lot

Chase Tower Garage

Downer Garage

Erie St Garage

City Center Garage

Raleigh – *Click here to find one of the listed locations

Rhino Lot

Dawson Lot – as low as $80!

Edenton Lot

529 Wilmington Lot

415 Person Lot

Power House Garage

League Lot

417 Person Lot

314 Davie Lot

Stronach Alley

Tulsa – *Click here to find one of the listed locations

Philtower Garage

3rd & Cincinnati Lot

Super Block Lot

Aloft Garage

601 Boston Garage

Boulder Block Lot

Fort Worth – *Click here to find one of the listed locations

315 Texas Lot

715 Belknap Lot

Houston – *Click here to find one of the listed locations

900 Leeland Lot

Friedman Lot

Chicago – *Click here to find one of the listed locations

183 Monroe Garage

Atlanta – *Click here to find one of the listed locations

Dwell Garage

To inquire, call 414 857 5723 or email

Looking for daily discounts? Use promo code WELCOMEBACK for 20% OFF at valid online locations.

Terms & Conditions:

  • *Promo code expires June 16th 2020. Valid for once per user.
  • Offer only available online
  • Subject to space availability and maximum daily booking quota.
  • Offer subject to change and offer may be withdrawn without notice.
  • A booking fee per transaction applies.