Search and find your CIBC Theater Events parking online with Secure at the 183 Monroe Garage for just as low as $6!

Find the best CIBC Theater Events for your upcoming event! Get the most affordable event discounts with Secure Parking at the 183 Monroe Garage!

Secure Parking has the closest and most affordable parking for your downtown Chicago visit to the CIBC Theater Parking. The 183 Monroe Garage has a wide range of products to choose from to accommodate your event time .  Parking products include but are not limited to Early Bird, Late Bird, and evening discounted rates starting as low as $6.00!

*Event parking rates are subject to change at anytime. 

The 183 Monroe Garage also provides month to month, 247/, evening, and valet monthly parking packages.  These packages include:

  • 24/7 access allowing you to breeze in and breeze out at anytime!
  • In the heart of downtown Chicago in the loop
  • Onsite staff and customer service
  • Don’t have to worry about circling for parking options each day.  Have a dedicated go to garage.

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*Event parking rates are subject to change at anytime.