Invalid Violation Notice Appeal List

If you would like to dispute a violation, the below reasons are invalid and will not be waived

• Failure to abide by payment instructions and rates posted at location

• Failure to pay in advance

Failure to display parking receipt face-up on the dashboard as required and listed on the instructions at the location and/or on the parking receipt

Failure to purchase additional payment via pay station and/or online or failure to remove the vehicle from the location before purchased parking time selected has expired *No grace period applies to expired paid parking time selected and paid for by the customer

Parking in a marked reserved, handicap space with no government-issued handicap hangtag or handicapped marked license plate, no parking zone, or non-space

Leaving the location and returning without additional payment violating the in-and-out parking rule listed on instructions at the location

Failure to display event parking ticket face-up on dashboard provided by parking attendant

Failure to enter license plate* correctly as required and listed on the instructions at the location and/or on the parking receipt *If no license plate then must place receipt face-up on the dashboard to verify payment made in advance and is valid.

• Nowhere else to park

• Other vehicles parked improperly

• Other vehicles did not receive violation notices while vehicles parked at the location

Paid or referred to city pay station and/or mobile payment signage not located within a Secure Parking location

City pay stations and mobile payment signage are owned by city, are located on city property (usually on sidewalks), and refer to street parking or city-owned locations

Failure to pay via mobile device at locations that offer mobile payment only and listed on instructions at a location

• Failure to pay due to lack of funds and/or alternative forms of payment

Personal conflicts and/or circumstances contributing to lack of payment or prolonging parking purchased

Lack of knowledge of parking fees and regulations

Only needed to park a vehicle for a short period of time and subsequently did not pay in advance

Informed by someone not associated with Secure Parking that payment or monthly hangtag was not required at location

Failure to display monthly parking hangtag/sticker on more than two overall recorded occasions

• Failure to contact Secure Parking immediately to remedy when less than two overall recorded violations may result in the vehicle being immobilized and/or towed at owner’s expense and is subject for the payment of violations

• Using a monthly parking hang tag/sticker to park in a different Secure Parking location and/or defined area within the location than listed on the hangtag/sticker

• Secure Parking monthly parking hang tags/stickers are valid only at the location and/or defined area signed up for, listed in the Terms & Conditions and signed by customer prior to completing monthly parking process