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News & Events

New SecureParkingUSA website

You spoke, we listened! Our old website was hard to navigate on a mobile device, one of the primary ways to find a parking spot. We took your feedback and rebuilt the site and we are excited to see what you guys think!
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Parking Boots May Be Headed To Wisconsin

Recently, a bill to crack down on unpaid parking tickets passed through the committee process unanimously.  If the billed passes, this would mean that drivers that have consistently avoided paying nonmoving traffic violations (5 times to be exact over the course of 60 days) would get a boot placed over their wheel to immobilize their vehicle.   With over $34 million uncollected dollars the city needs to crack down somehow. View Details

milwaukee snow rules

Milwaukee Received A Windfall of Revenue From Snow Storm

This year, the City of Milwaukee issued $832,000 worth of snow removal parking tickets.

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Tennessee VS Oklahoma

Watch the UT men’s basketball team take on Oklahoma!

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food trucks

Food Truck Wednesdays

Chow down at Guthrie Green every Wednesday for lunch!

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Marquette vs. St.Johns

Catch Marquette as they take on St.Johns at the BMO Harris Center.
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david bowie

Celebrating David Bowie

Friends, former Bowie bandmates and world class players perform a career-spanning concert of nothing but David Bowie music at the Pabst Theater.

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kelsea ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini

Don’t miss the next woman of country with three consecutive singles going #1 perform at the Riverside Theater.

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A Rock-N-Roll experience you will never forget at the Pabst Theater.

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steve winwood

Steve Winwood

A must see show of a Rock & Roll legend at the Riverside Theater.

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Milwaukee Bucks VS Orlando Magic

Milwaukee Bucks vs. New Orleans

Park Near The Big Game

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brady district meter

Expanded Metered Parking is on Hold

Tulsa officials have put a halt to expand metered parking in downtown.

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Milwaukee Bucks Arena

Fear the Deer, not the parking. Everyone has been waiting in anticipation for the completion of the new arena. It has now made the 75% completion mark! With that being said, Milwaukee is just that much closer to opening day.

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Milwaukee Streetcar

Milwaukee growing as a city, there is a need for more transportation methods. In 2015, the city of Milwaukee decided on building a streetcar for people to connect with jobs, home and entertainment.

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